Sunday, August 5, 2012

1957 - James D. Green, Civil Engineer at AC&F

This photo shows James D. Green, a Civil Engineer at AC&F in Berwick.  He worked with Bob Loughlin & Walt Kastner.  Not sure which man is James or who the other men are. 

Claudia Guay provided this photo or her step-father, Jim Green.  Her family moved to Berwick in 1957 and James Green worked as a Civil Engineer at AC&F.  She recalls "Several of the wives of the engineers who worked at AC&F (including my mom, Paula Green) got together & formed a Ladies Club (might have been called the Berwick Ladies Club) who took flying lessons at the local airport; back then flying lessons were cheap!  I also remember the men (including my dad) took flying lessons, too."  The family moved from Berwick in 1963.

If anyone has any photos or other information on the Berwick Ladies Club and their flying lessons, please share them.  Thank you Claudia for your photos & remembrances of Berwick!

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