Sunday, July 3, 2011

CIVIL WAR - 150 Year Anniversary

The Civil War began 150 years ago and  Pennsylvania sent many sons and fathers to fight.

This is about one of them, volunteer soldier William Nugent.  When the war began William lived in Salem Township, Luzerne County.  He had been
separated from his family as a small child in Philadelphia and essentially orphaned.  Daniel Seybert of Salem Twp. selected William to come work on his farm as a "bond boy" and William was brought to Salem Township from Philadelphia. 

William met his wife, Nancy
Boyles, when she worked for Seybert, they married, and lived in the Beach Haven area after William was released by Seybert. 

William's enlistment record shows he was a 28 year old farmer on September 28, 1864 when he enlisted at Scranton.  He served as a Private in Company E, 2nd PA, 112th Regiment Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery.  Salem Twp., Luzerne County's 12th District was credited with his service.

William is described in his records as being 6' 1" + tall with grey eyes, black hair and a dark complexion.  The photo below is reported to be him and was taken in 1892. 

Pennsylvania State Archives records show that William enlisted on July 31, 1875 as a Private with Company D, 9th Infantry, Pennsylvania National Guard.  He transferred to Company D, 12th Infantry in 1878.

William farmed and worked as a laborer.  In 1871 he sold his land in Beach Haven and moved to Berwick where his wife operated a small grocery store. 

Census records list that he was born in Ireland in 1834, immigrated in 1839, was a naturalized citizen, could read but not write English. 

William died on March 20, 1903 and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Market Street, Berwick.  His wife Nancy died in 1902.  Their children were Clement, Eudora (married John Ashton), Jennie (married George Bason then Ernest Eckstrand), Harriet (married Daniel Boyle), Kate (married James Bason), and Willie.

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